Petar Petrov

“My goal is to constantly redefine a new idea of elegance for today that is bold and strident yet personal and sensual. In my designs, I hope a woman can recognise her own strength, express personal values and feel at one with herself.”

Born in the Ukraine and raised in Bulgaria, Petar Petrov moved to Vienna to study fashion at the University of Applied Arts. His mentors included Raf Simons and Viktor & Rolf who supported his passion for Viennese modernism and purist forms as well as his drive for high quality materials and excellence in tailoring which have a profound influence on his work.

Petar Petrov staged his first womenswear show during the Fall 2020 London Fashion Week with tremendous success, both critically and commercially. Recognised as “a standout of the week”, “achingly chic” and “uncompromising when it comes to quality and craftsmanship” this momentous event brought his aesthetic to life on a high level and broader scale.

“My primary inspiration is, and always has been, real women: those that I see and those that surround me. What they share is independence, individuality and a taste for the unexpected. I always have their life journey in mind when designing.”