The Social Pages: Episode I Saturday Night in the City of Lights
In Paris, we gathered together friends for a dinner on Saturday night during Fashion Week at the legendary Café Laperouse at Place de la Concorde in the heart of the capital. Many of the editors, stylists, creatives, and entrepreneurs have known Petar from his very beginnings ten year ago and however life changes, whether through motherhood and work, risk taking and adventure, it is always a pleasure to explore and celebrate with our community of non-conformists.
What does it take to be a woman today? With respect to Women’s History Month, we want to salute the brave, independent women that come to Petar Petrov to get dressed and who enjoy our clothes as a way of defining their often-hard-won place in the world.
Our clients and ‘family’ are incredibly diverse in age, background, and profession but what we share in common is the strength to carve out our own place in life and carry our own unique torches. As conversation and laughter danced over so many subjects, it was a great privilege getting to know one another that little bit better.
What we learn from Petar Petrov women, is that there is a unifying desire to be heard and seen without compromise or self-effacement. That understanding helps guide our brand ethos, creating clothes that invite women to be their own beautiful selves and designing items that can journey with the wearers through life. Our Paris gathering marks the first of many to come. Salut!